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International journalists arrested in Kenya

Saturday, 19. January 2008 von Jannek

Two German and a Dutch Journalist were arrested under the allegation of “terrorist activities” in Kenya. Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe stated, they “have been conducting themselves in a suspicious manner” and photos of “vital installations” were found in their possession. Gerd Uwe Hauth and Andrej Hermlin and Fleur Van Dissel, were arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Andrej Hermlin, who is married to a Kenyan citizen, is a well known German swing musician, and also works as a journalist. He lives part time in the village of his wife in the Mt Kenya region, where he has a house. Due to his knowledge about Kenyan politics he was interviewed and quoted in many German articles and radio features before he left for Kenya earlier this month.


Get real and free Andrej, Gerd and Fleur!

Fleur Van Dissel was working on documentaries about Raila Odinga. One of his documentaries was aired shortly before the election.

There have been complaints by other international journalists, that they were harassed by Kenyan Police and Paramilitary forces, for example they were deliberately tear gassed or attacked by Police on horses. The Standard reports that the KTN journalist who took the incredible footage of the policeman killing a demonstrator in kisumu has reported to police that he has had death threats. Reuters photographer Thomas Mukhoya, who was also reporting from kisumu, has also been threatened.

After censoring live broadcast on TV in Kenya, Kibaki’s regime tries to threaten foreign journalist who they blame for the political unrest.

We call for the immediate release of all three journalists.


Kenyan riot police officers on horseback chase photographers in central Nairobi, Kenya, Jan. 16. Picture from josephkaroki

Ushahidi – mapping the horror to find peace for Kenya

Friday, 11. January 2008 von Jannek


As an initiative of several concerned Kenyan bloggers ( KenyanPundit.com, WhiteAfrican.com, MentalAcrobatics.com, AfroMusing.com, Skunkworks), the website Ushahidi (swahili for witness) was launched. It gives witnesses of violence in Kenya, which started after the election, the possiblility to report them. Ushuahidi is in contact with several NGOs in Kenya in order to confirm those reports.


Witnesses can contact Ushahidi via internet or email (tips@ushahidi.com) or via mobil and sms (+447624802635).

Truth is the first step to reconciliation and peace. Please support Ushahidi by linking to their page (Buttons are available) and spreading the news via email and phone in Kenya.



Report Acts Of Violence In Kenya

More than 10.000 people signed Online- Petition requesting Kibaki to step down.

Tuesday, 08. January 2008 von Jannek

An Online-Petition by the “Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy” with the title “Kibaki must step down” was already signed by more than 10.000 people. Many Blogs are linking to the side.
The Petition backround Text gives an overview about the irregularities during the election.

Interestingly, the homepage of the initiators of the Petition, the Kenyansfordemocracy-Blog, was removed by blogspots’ owner google. Trying to access the side, this text appears:

“This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is open to authors only


If you are an author of this blog, tell us who you are!”


What is happening here? Does anybody have information about it?



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